KOCO AG: Tradition und Innovation seit 1919


Thinking ahead is our tradition

Knowledge and an open mind for technological progress. Instinct for what is essential and what is feasible, and courage are all prerequisites for living and establishing innovation. For KOCO AG, this mindset is a tradition.
KOCO AG Photovoltaik - Die Zukunft in der Energieversorgung


KOCO trusts in the future

The world demand for electricity is growing daily. Unconventional thinking, new technologies and decentralised supply structures – for KOCO AG, these are the central requirements for the clean energy supply of our future.
KOCO AG Vielfalt: im Team, Werte, Technologien und Qualität


Power from diversity

We are convinced it is no coincidence that different sources flowing together are called ‘current’. For KOCO diversity is everything: In business, in our co-operations and when using regenerative energy sources.
Photovoltaik ist ein Teil des Gesamtpaketes der KOCO AG


Entrepreneurial thinking and acting

The sun is the biggest and oldest power plant. Every second it releases more energy than all nuclear power plants worldwide combined in 750.000 years. A photovoltaic system directly converts this energy into electricity. We know how to implement it reasonably and economically.