Commitment for tomorrow

Businesses have a social responsibility. The future of the next generation is our main concern, because for being successful, we depend on an intact society.

KOCO shows social responsibility in different ways: On the one hand, the project “Stiftung Freunde” aims at teaching children at a very early stage how to deal with emotion and to recognize their own strengths. The project “Sun sailors of AMASSONE” on the other hand supports a young team of female sailors that helps them to compete with the best in this very male-dominated sport.
Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung der KOCO AG


Energy – commitment for “Stiftung Freunde”

How would it be if your children would know where there strengths lie at an early stage and could therefore be better protected against drug abuse and violence?

That is exactly what “Stiftung Freunde” tries to achieve. By training the staff of nurseries the project gives them the tools they need for sensitizing children for emotions and conveying life skills.

This approach is especially effective as it is proven that the child age plays a distinct role in the development of addictions and violence because it is the stage of life when we learn to deal with our own needs.

These include:
   •  Communication skills
   •  Handling emotions
   •  Solving problems
   •  Self-assertion
   •  Tolerating frustration

The priorities for “Stiftung Freunde” are early prevention and learning life skills. The staff as well as the parents and children of a nursery, who opt for the program, get involved into the basic idea of the project and are encouraged to participate at a very early stage.

KOCO AG acknowledges its responsibility to work for a better future for generations to come. As part of its corporate social responsibility, KOCO actively supports “Stiftung Freunde”. If you want to learn more about the project and the opportunities to contribute, visit:
7We can´t change the wind, but we can adjust the sails.


Pushed by the wind - towards the sun

To this day, sailing is a male-dominated sport. You rarely find female teams on the participation list for a regatta – even more rarely under the top 10 participants. Which is why Klaus-Michael Koch and KOCO AG are highly involved in the support of young female sailing talents. With impressive results: in 2012, the female team on the “Amassone” came sixth in its class at the European Cup followed by an amazing fifth place at the German Open in 2014.
7Even if you lock the rooster away, the sun will still rise.
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