A sustainable future for our earth and our children

One glance at our sky is enough proof. The energy produced by the sun and wind is without a limit, inexhaustible and so easy to use – without an order or any fees. How should we deal with this incredible gift? Are we taking enough responsibility to ensure a future for our plagued planet? Or do we continue watching politicians and the financial world make promises instead of taking action? As citizens as well as entrepreneurs it is up to us – for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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Three questions to
Klaus-Michael Koch

[ Founder / CEO ]
Klaus Michael Koch, Vorstand der KOCO AG
  1. 1.
    How would you assess the bumpy start of the energy turnaround in Germany?
    Koch: : Bumpy is probably the right word. For a long time, large energy corporations and their affiliated politicians frantically hang onto fossil energy sources. But meanwhile the course is set differently and the movement cannot be stopped anymore. That is what I am convinced of. It is more than just a ray of hope - it marks a turning point in the history of mankind. Sun, wind and water are available for everyone in abundance. Oil, gas, coal and uranium bear substantial dangers for mankind and our environment. And the consequential costs for the disposal of nuclear waste, the demolition and the repatriation of power plants are increasing at a dramatic pace, which becomes now gradually apparent in its entirety. This way obviously leads to a dead end. It is now time for a total 180 degree turnaround.
  2. 2.
    How are you planning to convince businesses and private households of clean energy?
    Koch: Naturally by pointing out the financial and environmental aspects. Some people only start to listen attentively when their wallet is affected. The price for self-produced, clean energy is stable over decades. Electricity from wind and sun is now able to compete with conventional sources, which is the reason why both now make an important part within the German energy mix. The price for energy purchased from abroad will definitely increase in the long run, even though oil prices are decreasing right now. And by now, even the international insurance market provides coverage neither for old nuclear power plants, nor for new ones. In the end, the solidary group of the taxpayers will have to bear the consequential costs. Taking this into account means for example, the new nuclear power plant in England can only be run by charging inflated rates, granted by the government or otherwise it could never be cost-efficient. Planning and implementing clean energy systems for private households, businesses and communes sustainably improves their individual cost structures – a win-win situation right now for both individuals and communities.
  3. 3.
    Why does it pay to invest into own photovoltaic installations?
    Koch: Owning private or corporate real estate for own usage, after clearance and depreciation, is a lot cheaper than renting it. That’s common knowledge. For energy investments this is very similar. Here, the savings effect and starts a lot earlier, which counts for fossil and nuclear power to the same extent as for ‘green’ energy. Only after five to fifteen years, the installation is paid for and written off. Normally, this does not affect the energy consumer, because in most of the cases, the consumer does not own the power plant. There is only one exception: Power from photovoltaic! Right now in Germany there are 1.5 million photovoltaic installations in private properties. Every single one of those is not only good news for the environment, but also a sustainable investment. If we would all work together, our energy turnaround could be completed within 20 years and Germany could save 150 billion Euros annually.
7… so that the future will be good.
Elon Musk 4th of May 2015

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