Quality and performance coming from decades of experience

Within the KOCO Group, KOCO Energy AG realises photovoltaic projects and combines them with the newest energy storage technology. We competently and reliably plan, install and run customized projects on corporate or private roofs or for municipalities and solar farms of any size. For our planning and installation process, we rely on 30 years of experience in the energy sector and support our clients with questions regarding financing.
We see enormous potential for roof installations: there are 1.5 billion square metres of corporate, industrial and municipal roof area in Germany alone. However, just like frontages, roof areas are among the most challenging components of a building. Good for you the customer, we know exactly what to look out for high up there!
Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in photovoltaic, combined with more than 50 years of special expertise in roof insulation and sealing, we were able to realize over 800 national and international projects summing up to more than 15 million square meters of covered area. Our in-house developments include the industrial standard procedure for sealing plastic flat roofs as well as the lightest photovoltaic installation for flat roofs in the world, weighing only 7.5 kg per square meter. The only limits for the size of your photovoltaic installation are the size of your roof area and your demand for electricity.
Convince yourself of our know-how.
First, we analyze your energetic demand for power, heating, cooling, energy storage or even e-mobility. Next we compile a suggestion including a rough budget according to your financial parameters, before we enter the detailed planning process in accordance with you. This process is a lot easier for solar farms than for roof installations as the only parameters are the optimal usage of the terrain and maximum efficiency of the installation. An important feature is our diligence in civil engineering to avoid problems in the long run. If you wish, we even offer service and monitoring for your photovoltaic installation after finalizing it. This sustainably ensures optimal and durable usage for your systems.

KOCO ENERGY AGThe executive board

Klaus-Michael Koch
Member of the board

During his law studies, Klaus-Michael Koch started his entrepreneurial activities. Since 1972, he grew his company specialised on spectacular membrane solutions for stadium roofs and airports to market leadership. From the very beginning on, conservation of resources and material efficiency played an important role in his operations. When he founded KOCO AG in 2010 he fulfilled his long held vision of using his entrepreneurial experience in the area of clean energies. By founding and investing into additional start-up businesses in the renewable energies sector, he wants to contribute to and push further climate protection as the primary goal.

KOCO ENERGY AGMembers of staff

Angelika von Eicken
Authorised signatory & head of marketing

“The sun is our most valuable mutual asset”

Ludger Bottermann
Head of finance

“The use of clean energy only has advantages: economically and for the welfare of mankind”

Frank Eisenkolb
Service and monitoring

“We are lucky – sun and wind give us energy as a present.”

Valentin Greisinger

“Administration on base on a top IT infrastructure is a must for a company.”

Verena Polz

“The clock hands are showing ten to twelve – we can still stop them, but we need to hurry!”

Gabriele Greisinger

“If today you don’t think about tomorrow, tomorrow you will be old news.”
7We won´t sell our future for momentary profits.
Werner von Siemens