Our energy-orchestra: composed of top-soloists only

The energy turnaround first of all needs a change in the mindset of the people, as by now all the required technology is developed and easily available in Germany. Now the different markets for electricity, heat, cooling and clean mobility can rapidly be merged. In the medium-term, all market players could potentially save billions this way. KOCO is convinced that a growing number of stakes at highly specialised, innovative businesses is the best way to contribute to this complex process:

   •  KOCO ENERGY AG – the specialist for photovoltaic installations
   •  Eness energy storage systems – experts in energy storage
   •  SmartRadioNetk – provider for a stable data network
   •  Smart Blue – software provider for intelligent energy monitoring
KOCO AG: Muttergesellschaft mit den Beteiligungsgesellschaften KOCO Energy, DEF, Smartblue und Eness ist sie Partner für Unternehmen, Gemeinden, Kommunen und Privathaushalte in Sachen sauberer Energie


KOCO ENERGY AG – eine Gesellschaft der KOCO AG
Decades of experience with photovoltaic installations
• photovoltaic installations including storage systems
• planning, installation and operation of systems of all sizes for businesses as well as for municipalities
• roof installations and open field installations
DEF Deutsche Energie Funk GmbH – eine Gesellschaft der KOCO AG: http://www.def-net.eu/
The safe data highway for the energy market
• wireless narrow band communication platform (data and language)
• own frequency in the 450MHz band
• supplier of hardware and software; partner for installation and system integration
• up to 7 days of operating without connection to power supply
• protected against foreign access
Eness energy storage systems GmbH - eine Gesellschaft der KOCO AG: www.eness.de
Produce and store solar energy and be more independent!
• photovoltaic installations including storage systems for private households
• energy packages and models for energy suppliers and their client base
• project planning, financing and installation of photovoltaic and storage systems
Smart Blue AG - eine Gesellschaft der KOCO AG: www.smartblue.de
Smart photovoltaic monitoring for installations of all sizes
• photovoltaic monitoring regardless of the data logger installed
• Smart Control for operators
• graphic processing of all data for operators, technicians and end customers
7Only diversity can guarantee a stable ecosystem.
Wolfgang J. Reus