Smart monitoring for photovoltaic installations of any size

In order for it to generate maximum revenues, photovoltaic installations must be continuously monitored. Smartblue has analysed data from different energy providers. The result: a large percentage of PV-installations run clearly below potential. That’s where Smartblue comes in, providing a smart monitoring software for PV-installations. With its help, you can quickly identify the cause of losses – no matter if it´s due to technical errors, shadowing, dirty surfaces or age - Smartblue´s monitoring by far exceeds standard inverter monitoring.

Smart algorithms ensure that the Smartblue – software constantly screens the data collected for errors. What´s new is the satellite based reference performance. With its help, a performance and revenue target of a PV-installation at any given moment in the future can be determined. Basis for the calculation models is meteorological data specific for the location of the installation monitored as well as its size, directionality and inclination. Only this way, a proper comparison to the actual generated energy data is possible. As soon as deviations appear, the operator of the installation is automatically informed.

The Smart Monitor is web-based and gives the owner of the installation the possibility to check the revenue situation of his installation independent of location or time. On a dashboard, all relevant parameters can be seen at the first glance. Data of the daily, monthly and yearly energy revenue are graphically processed and displayed. Moreover, pictures of the installation as well as the current and the future weather information are shown. Additionally, the performance of each individual module can be monitored. And in case anything doesn’t work according to plan, the technical contact is instantly shown.

An unbeatable advantage of the Smart Blue Smart Control lies in its compatibility with data loggers from all renowned manufacturers. Managing director Günter Seel is convinced, that the main objective today is to communicatively connect PV-installations. This way, even grid providers, operators, technicians or direct marketers would have the possibility to monitor installations through a cloud-based platform.

Smart Blue is a member of the "EnergyBundle" network.